Install SharePoint 2013 w/SP-1 on Sever 2012 R2

Here is a quick 2 step process. First you need to get the required roles and features installed and properly configured. This simple PowerShell script does the job very nicely. Download the code and edit the drive location before you launch it in PowerShell. REBOOT THE SERVER

Download PowerShell Code

Next you need to install the prerequisite files. This is easy and fool proof when you use the following PowerShell code. Download the code and make sure your server has access to your SharePoint 2013 media. We assume that you’ve already downloaded the prerequisite files and copied them to the Prerequisitefiles folder. If not, read this… Download SP 2013 Prerequisite Files.

Before you run the PowerShell code, be sure to edit the code to include the correct path to your SP media.

Download PowerShell Code

After the script runs, you will need to reboot the server. When you login, the prerequisite installer will automatically finish some last minute configurations. Now you are ready to install SharePoint.

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