In October 2016, Eric, the drummer in the video, got married. We got together a play list, practiced for a few weeks and became the wedding band. We had a great time and really appreciated the opportunity to be there for Eric and Ashley.

There are several videos from the event. There were two cameras and an audio recorder. It takes dozens of hours to edit each video and sync the audio to match. I will post more as I complete each one.

Eric – Drums, Vocals
Topper – Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Eric – Drummer, Vocals
Reid – Keyboard
MJ – Vocals & Flute
Dave – Vocals & Guitar
Joe – Bass Guitar
Marc – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica & Slide Guitar

Setup & Intro
Lie to Me
Kansas City
Treat Her Right
The Weight
Roadhouse Blues
Train Train
Closer to Home
The Hunter
Funky Music
Smoke on the Water
Can’t You See