I am always amazed at what we can learn. I live by this motto… “If someone else learned how to do it why can’t I”? Take a look around you. If you call a plumber to fix your sink, they send a guy out who has been trained in the fundamentals of plumbing. Granted, the plumber may have years of experience, but he still just started by learning the fundamentals and grew into a professional. Why can’t I do the same? This applies to every trade.

Of course I understand that just because I elect to learn to play the piano it does not mean that I will ever be able to play with a symphony orchestra. Talent does play a significant role to one’s success. However, I can still learn all of the fundamentals to playing the piano.

My goal with this blog is to share what knowledge I have learned in the area of developing software applications. I am not a professional developer. I do not work for a software developer. In fact, I consider myself a simple hobbyist developer. Think of it this way… You may be a developer who drudgingly goes to work each day to write code. Yet I do it for fun.

Take a moment to browse my snippets of information. I hope you can pick something up that will benefit you. I always say… “give me a minute and I will tell you all I know”.

Regards, Joe Waldin