I’m just clowning around with this site. Trying this and trying that. I’m always learning something new, a different template, themes and other features to experiment with. Take a look around. Explore and test things out for yourself.

Bye, JP Waldin

Here are a handful of
Bass “Play Along” & Tutorials that I have recorded.

I realize my skill level and music knowledge is mediocre at best but I still wanted to offer a way to help other bass players get a jump start on a playing a song that they never played before.

When I started to create these I was gung ho and planned to do many more. I guess I need to get off my ass and put together another one soon.

Live music videos from Eric’s Wedding 10/15/2015

I was amazed that these dudes allowed me to perform with them. I tried my best to keep up but my skills never came close to their musical talent.

Audio tracks of me trying to learn the songs for the wedding and just hanging out plunking away on the bass.

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