Chris is the drummer in this page of media. During May 2013 my friend Chris asked me to meet the musicians that he jammed with. When I showed up, I mentioned that I played bass in a basement band when I was 17. They suggested I get a bass and occasionally jam with them. I did. Awhile later I bought along a handheld recorder when I played with them. Below is a list of dates where we got together and worked out songs. As you listen, keep in mind that 90% of the songs were familiar but never played by me. These dudes held my hand and graciously walked me through the chords and other requirements so I could practice at home and come back to jam with them with some degree of “improved” bass playing. However, even at my best, I was never more than a mediocre bassist. Warts and all (as Topper would say). But I did have a gas! Excellent friends, excellent musicians, and great memories.

Down by the River
Locomotive Breath
Nights in White Satin
Sweet Child in Time
Take the Highway